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TEA EVERY WAY: A Drop for Every Phase of the Day

Not only does drinking tea offer a wide variety of potential health benefits, it’s an easy way to stay hydrated. The T Totaler range has something for every time of day, every occasion, every tea ritual.

Tea for every phase of the day
No matter what you need, we have a tea


Starting the day with a cup of tea just feels right, doesn’t it? Black tea, as the most caffeinated of all the teas, contains roughly a third of that in a cup of espresso coffee. Breakfast teas are famed for their bold flavour, strong enough to cut through any sleepy morning haze, and often take milk well. Our range includes Australian Breakfast and Daintree for the most strident of black tea enjoyers, Organic EBT (that’s English Breakfast Tea) for the traditionalists, or French Earl Grey for those who want something on the fragrant and fruity side.


Green teas are less caffeinated than their black counterparts, and because they are less processed their antioxidant capacity remains higher. Their bright and refreshing flavour make them the perfect way to reset after a busy morning. Green teas, as well as oolongs, can provide the perfect digestive aid after lunch or dinner due to their abundance in polyphenols. We stock a wide variety of Australian grown greens (from North East Victoria), mostly in the Japanese style: shincha is light and fresh, sencha is a little grassier, and houjicha (roasted green) is a darker, nuttier style perfect for any black tea drinkers that want to try something new.

If you like the idea of green tea but haven’t come around to the flavour of it, try our sencha blends: Coconut Lemon Splice combines lemon myrtle and coconut; Green Gum is a blend of natives gulbarn and strawberry gum that together give a light passion fruit profile; and Summer Fields is a mixed floral green tea that provides a smooth and mellow drop.


Any of the teas mentioned above make a great arvo cuppa - but if you’re watching your caffeine intake or you want something on the lighter side, white tea might be the brew for you. We stock two: White Rose, which is a blend of Pai Mu Tan (often referred to as white peony) and rose petals - it’s subtle and refreshing, loaded with vitamin C and collagen; and Jasmine Pearls, premium hand rolled white buds scented with the perfume of jasmine blossoms. White teas are lower in caffeine, higher in their antioxidant capacity, and brew a lighter profile with less tannin.


Looking for a tasty drop to serve before or after dinner, but wanna skip the booze? Our Organic Ginseng Gin combines juniper berries, lemon myrtle, ginseng and ginger for a virgin gin and tonic - serve it hot, or cold brew it and serve over tonic water or soda for a convincing mocktail. Or try our After Dinner Mint - a sweet and cleansing blend of native aniseed myrtle, liquorice root and Australian peppermint: think ouzo or zambuca.


Lavender and chamomile dominate the sleepy tea space: both have calming effects on the nerves system, but some prefer one over the other. We’ve got something for everyone! Our all Australian Organic Unwind combines lavender with lemon myrtle, peppermint and passionflower for a smooth sip. Our Organic Relax is a little sweeter with chamomile, rose, calendula and peppermint. And our Organic Radiant uses both lavender and chamomile along with rose and calendula for a sleepy tea that’s formulated for healthy skin and hair with its high levels of collagen.


If it’s a milky brew that you’re looking for, we’ve got options. Lots of options. Black tea based blends include masala chai (traditional Indian style that’s peppery), French Earl Grey Hot Chocolate (a scrumptious combination of cocoa and peach notes), Sticky Bush Chai (native Australian botanicals blended with honey), Matcha Hot Chocolate (an umami blend of organic matcha from Uji prefecture with raw cacao).

If it’s a caffeine free option, consider Pink Delight Chai (a fragrant blend of star anise, pink pepper and rose that brews bright pink!), or perhaps Red Wattle (an earthy blend of native wattleseed, organic rooibos and cinnamon).



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