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SNOOZE BREWS: sleep better, with tea

When it comes to sleepy time teas, two flowers dominate the space: lavender and chamomile. While both are synonymous with a good night’s sleep, the two have very different profiles as well as chemical compounds and associated benefits.


Our lavender is certified organic and Australian grown
We use organic and Australian grown lavender

Lavender’s healing properties have been utilised for thousands of years by various cultures as it is native across the regions of Europe, northern and Eastern Africa, the Mediterranean and India. The name lavender comes from the latin word lavage, which means ‘to wash’ - the Romans used the flower as a bathing additive because of its benefits, and it’s said that one pound of lavender cost as much as one hundred haircuts from the local barber.

Lavender’s sleepy effects are due to its sedative anxiolytic qualities: it interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain, essentially quietening its activity and thus reducing anxiety, agitation and restlessness.

We use lavender in two blends: Organic Unwind and Organic Radiant.

Unwind combines lavender with passionflower, which also increases the brain’s GABA amino acid to assist in relaxation. Along with lemon myrtle, a potent source of vitamin C, and the antiviral properties of peppermint, Organic Unwind is one of our bed time blends formulated for better sleep.

Organic Radiant combines lavender with other restorative flowers: rose, calendula and chamomile. With the relaxing qualities of lavender and chamomile, collagen rich rose petals and anti-inflammatory qualities of calendula, this sleep tea is intended to provide respite from a busy mind and revitalise hair, skin and nails.


Our chamomile flowers are certified organic and have a sweet, apple-like profile
Our organic chamomile flowers are earthy and sweet

The name chamomile comes from an Ancient Greek compound that means ‘earth apple,’ most probably because of its sweet profile that is very much comparable to apples.

Chamomile’s sedative qualities are owed to the naturally occurring antioxidant apigenin: it encourages muscle relaxation via the brain’s GABA neurotransmitter. Chamomile has long been associated with digestion, as well as soothing cramps because the flower’s anti-spasmodic properties. For these reasons, chamomile teas are often employed to soothe menstrual cramps.

We use chamomile in two of our blends: Organic Radiant (mentioned above) and Organic Relax. Organic Relax combines chamomile with sweet peppermint and

revitalising florals rose and calendula. This combination assists the body’s natural rest

and digest cycle by promoting an undisturbed sleep and smooth digestion.



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