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T TOTALER was born in 2012 with the vision to change the way Australia thought about tea. By hand blending unique homegrown tea leaves and native botanicals, we elevate the daily necessity of brewing tea into a distinctly Australian sensory experience. T TOTALER is centred around an unmistakable alchemy of native flora, estate tea leaves and creativity. Inspired by the multicultural food scenes of our cities and towns, we define Australian tea culture by combining premium ingredients with new contexts: from our chai variations and signature tea hot chocolate infusions, to traditional varietals and house blends, and cold brew soda, cocktail and mocktail recipes. By focusing on local growers’ produce and sustainable packaging, we bring the best quality tea to you as ethically as possible.

For over a decade now, we’ve been supplying Australia’s top tier restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels with our unique and Australian focused blends. We opened Sydney’s first dedicated tea bar in 2013, and now operate our flagship store in Sydney’s city centre at The Galeries. Hatted restaurants like Momofuku and Bennelong, companies like Aesop and Two Good, and artists like Arlo Parks have all sought our guidance and curation in developing a distinguished and unforgettable tea service.

For this reason, we’ve developed a loyal retail clientele who seek superior quality tea at home. Our packaging is considered and purposeful, from compostable refill bags to our signature reusable amber apothecary jars. T Totaler is a family business, so when you buy from us you’re buying from real people from a real community. We love Australian grown produce, we love tea and we appreciate you for supporting our tea journey. 

"We are both so passionate about tea and know that when you receive one of our lovingly made & expertly crafted blends you can see and taste the difference"

Amber & Paul Sunderland

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With options of amber glass apothecary jars, compostable bags and glass test tubes - our packaging is reusable, recyclable, and reduces waste. Our test tubes are great for trialing and gifting - our jars protect the tea from exposure and are an aesthetic addition to any kitchen, which you can refill with our discounted compostable refill bags. Tea is a gift we give ourselves, and to the people we care for - we want you to know you’re drinking something special when you get T Totaler tea, so post all purchases beautifully and sustainably giftwrapped.  


Australian grown tea

We want to be sustainable, responsible and accountable when it comes to how we interact with environments and ecosystems across Australia. Our packaging options aim to reduce unnecessary waste, and our apothecary jars protect your tea from exposure - compostable refill bags are available at a discounted rate. We support local growers by using Australian grown tea leaves and botanicals wherever we can - we love Australian grown and want you to full in love with it too.


pink chai

Since our inception in 2012 we have always tried to push the boundaries of tea from colourful pink chai to tea affogato and vegan tea hot chocolates.. We want to show you the endless possibilities you can enjoy from the simple leaf. All of our products have been specially blended to provide a balance between taste, aroma and nutrition. We have tea if you require a pick me up, to relax, detox or for an immune boost. Our Sydney tea bar specialises in unique tea brewing methods from sparkling tea to mock-tails.


We’ve blended for Australia’s top tier restaurants, we’ve blended for Arlo Parkes’ album release party, we’ve held blending workshops for over 1000 people. Join us and explore the depths of Australian tea and native botanicals, and all they have to offer. Unique profiles, real benefits and interesting stories from across the continent, all in your cup.



We are a small family business based in Marrickville, Sydney - know that when you buy from us, you’re buying from real people like yourself. We believe in supporting local Australian industries and businesses by blending with Australian grown ingredients and stocking hand crafted Australian made products.

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