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Foraging For Berries Cold Brew

Create the ultimate refreshing iced tea with a few simple steps. Our Forging for Berries blend makes a perfect hot or iced tea. The blend is a mix of dried fruit, hibiscus and rose hip which has a natural sweet and slightly tart flavour lending it perfectly to an iced tea. This blend has a vibrant red colour which is perfect for children as they think they are drinking a cordial but without the naughty sugar. It is caffeine free and full of vitamin c and high in anti-oxidants. Make one litre at a time as it goes fast and can last in the fridge up to two days. Try and make it today.

Cold Brew Foraging For Berries

Add 1 tea spoon of Foraging For Berries Blend per 200ml of cold filter water

Infuse for 8 hours ( Place in the fridge over night)

Strain out the tea leaves ( in the morning)

Serve over ice and with garnish of choice.

For extra sweetness add muddled fresh berries to serve

Add three tea spoons of chia seeds to the strained tea for an extra boost.


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