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Limited Edition - The Alchemy of Tea 

We have created a special Limited Edition Wooden Gift Box for you to experience the journey of our tea blends. The Wooden Gift Box contains 12 hand crafted teas selected especially to showcase the best aroma, flavour and originality. Each tea creates a moment to remember , which can be shared or embraced on your own.  Bring the tea box out at dinner parties to give your guests an experience, like no other. It showcases and displays the selection of teas beautifully.  The tea box contains a mix of our best selling blends, tea lattes and limited edition gold lustre blends for you to experience the alchemy of tea. Each test tube gives you four cups of tea so there are 48 cups to enjoy in this beautiful wooden tea box.



Wooden Gift Box with 12 tea test tube blends 


One of each of the following blends:


Limited Edition

Golden Jasmine Pearls 

Golden Berries 


Black Tea 

Australian Breakfast 

French Earl Grey 


Herbal Blends 

Blue Water 


Red Wattle 


Green Tea 

Green Gum 

Summer Fields 


White Tea 

White Rose 


Vegan Latte/Tea Hot Choc 

Pink Delight Chai 

French Earl Tea Hot Chocolate 



Wooden Tea Alchemy Gift Box of 12

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