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We have created a gift box of six individual tea test tubes and a stainless steel strainer so you can start enjoying a cup of tea straight away. The strainer is simple to clean and makes drinking loose leaf tea easy. We have chosen the perfect selection of blends so you have a tea to drink anytime of the day. Each test tube also gives you four cups to enjoy.




1x Australian Breakfast

Australian grown blend of two locally grown black teas to make the perfect morning black tea

1x Australian Unwind

An Australian grown herbal blend with hints of citrus and lavender to help unwind for a peaceful sleep

1x French Earl Grey

A fragrant and refined black tea perfect for the afternoon

1x Ginseng Gin

Our play on a gin and tonic. Great hot or as an iced tea with some soda water and a slice of cucumber

1x Chai Yoga

Herbal chai blend to invigorate and warm the body and soul

1x Coconut Lemon Splice

Australian grown sencha green tea blended with citrus and coconut shavings to trasport you to the tropics

1 x Stanless steel scoop strainer 


Tea Test Tubes & Strainer Gift Set

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