Tea Latte Gift Box


For Winter we have created a Limited Edition Tea Latte Gift Box to warm you up and comfort you. The limited edtion pack will give you a selection of eight of the most popular tea lattes for you to try including a few new ones never seen before. Each Tube will give you one large tea pot worth to share amongst your loved ones. They are all vegan, refined sugar free and full of natural ingredients to make the most delicious tea lattes for you to enjoy.


You can also add to the gift box one of our Hand Made Brass Strainers to fit into your cup for easy brewing and to make drinking your tea latte that little bit more special.


What's included -

One Test Tube of each of the following blends.


Pink Delight Chai Latte

A naturally pink chai full of fragrant spices.

Rose petals, Pink Peppercorns, Beetroot powder, Star Anise, Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamon Coconut Sugar and Cardamon


Golden Ginger and Turmeric Latte

Anti Inflamatory Golden latte with a touch of gold lustre perfect for the morning

Ginger, Turmeric,Coconut Sugar and Edible Gold Lustre


French Earl Tea Hot Chocolate

Our signature tea hot chocolate blend

French Earl Grey Tea Leaves, Dark Cocoa and Coconut Sugar


Matcha Tea Hot Chocolate

Savoury and energising blend

Organic Japanese Matcha, Coconut Sugar and Dark Cocoa


Masala Chai Latte

Peppery quick infusion golden chai

Australian Grown Black Tea, Black Pepper, Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamon and Coconut Sugar


Matcha Latte

Energising and savoury green tea latte

Organic Japanese Matcha Powder and Coconut Sugar


Berry Velvet Latte

Our play on a red velvet cake

Mixed Berries, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Dark Cocoa and Coconut Sugar


Billy Tea Hot Chocolate

Native Australian grown flavours

Cinnamon Myrtle, Mountain Pepper, Wattleseed, Cocoa and Coconut Sugar

Tea Latte Gift Box - limited edition