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Try our signature tea chocolate lattes all in the one gift box. You get a selection of eight delicious vegan, refined sugar free and no added nasties tea chocolate latte blends to make the perfect tea hot chocolate or iced tea chocolate latte at home.  They are made with a blend of mixed teas, 70 % Cocoa and coconut sugar to create a fragrant hot chocolate like no other. 


What's Included in your Gift Box 

Gift Box with a selection of 8 x test tubes of our signature Tea Chocolate blends that are refined sugar free, natural and vegan. 

1 x French Earl Grey Tea Chocolate 

1 x Berry Velvet  

1 x Chocolate Orange 

1 x Mint Chocolate 

1 x Billy Bush Chocolate 

1 x Smoked Tea Chocolate 

1 x Chai Chocolate 

1 x Matcha Chocolate 

1 x Recipe Card 


Options to add to your Gift Box:

Beautiful Hand Made in India Brass Strainer to help strain your tea hot chocolates

Large 200g Bag of Rose Persian Fairy Floss Hand Made in St Peters in NSW to take your Tea Hot Chocolate Latte to another level. *contains sesame and gluten *

Tea Hot Chocolate Gift Box

  • To Create Tea Hot Chocolate:

    Add 2 x heaped teaspoons of the blend to a touch of hot water

     Infuse for 3 minutes 

    Add warm milk of choice 

    Strain into your cup and enjoy 

    To Create Iced Tea Chocolate :

    Follow the steps above and pour your brewed Tea Chocolate Latte over ice and enjoy 

    TIP:Try adding Rose Persian Fairy Floss to the Tea Chocolates to take it to another level. 


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