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Our Pyramid Tea bag Chest is the ultimate selection of our new Soilon pyramid tea bag range we developed for international lifestyle and hospitality company the W Hotel, Sydney. They wanted a local accent for their suite and dining tea service so they came to us. This premium wooden box features gold detailing and comes with 36 tea bags ( six of each blend), from our signature French Earl Grey to unique new blends like Australian Chai, Lemon Sencha and Sydney Breakfast. The Chest of Tea bags is an indulgent way to experience these 6 premium infusions and brew through the festive season in style!  



Our biodegradable pyramid tea bags will allow the leaves to unfurl and breath for an optimal infusion of taste, nutrition and aroma in your cup every time - the way they would in a loose leaf service. The blends have been created by us and made in Australia to bring balance to everyday. 


Sydney Breakfast

Inspired by the melting pot of Sydney, this breakfast blend is a combination of rainforest estate black tea with premium Assam. A new take on classic, it’s medium bodied and takes milk well but is full flavoured without.


French Earl Grey

Our signature black tea blend with accents of rose and stone fruit. With a fragrant and complex profile, French Earl Grey suits most palettes and is known for its timeless and accessible flavour.


Lemon Sencha

 Fresh and umami Australian sencha green tea from north east Victoria with the deep citrus of native lemon myrtle.  A refreshing green tea for anytime of the day.


Australian Chai

Classic peppery masala spices collide with rich wattleseed and Australian grown black tea.


Rest & Digest

 Soothing peppermint leaves lightly sweetened by native aniseed and vitamin C rich rose petals. This herbal blend will help your body relax before bed. 



 Melt into a peaceful hue of natural blue with butterfly blupea flower and refresh and relax with chamomile and native lemon myrtle. This natural blue tea will drift you into a deep and restful sleep. 


Pyramid Tea bag Chest

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