Gift box of eight of our best selling tea test tubes. Every test tube gives you four cups of  loose leaf tea. It is a great way to have a different tea every day or to bring out at dinner parties to offer  a selction of different teas to your guests. 

Pick 'N' Mix Test Tube Box

  • Organic Unwind 

    Australian Grown + Lavender + Passionflower + Lemongrass + Peppermint + Lemon Myrtle 

    Perfect to help you sleep 


    Organic Ginseng Gin

    Ginseng + Juniper + Lemon myrtle + Blue Corn Flowers + Ginger 

    Naturally keeps your mind focused 


    French Earl Grey

    Black Tea + Rose + Maridold + Hibiscus + Blue Corn Flowers + Bergamot 

    Naturally energising 


    Coconut Lemon Splice 

    Australian Sencha + Lemon Myrtle + Coconut 

    High in anti-oxidants 


    White Rose 

    White Peony + Rose Petals 

    Great for your skin 


    Summer Fields

    Australian Sencha + Rose Petals + Jasmine + Safflowers + Blue Corn + Blue Mallow flowers

    Great for your skin


    Chai Yoga

    Cardamon + Cloves + Cinnamon + Ginger

    Anti-inflamatory and good for digestion


    Foraging for Berries

    Mixed Berries + Hibiscus + Rosehip

    High in Vitamin C