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We have selected the most popular and delicious black tea blends for you to pick 'n' mix and try. They all have different health properties and flavour profiles to keep your cups of tea interesting. You will get four cups of tea per test tube. This gives you a great way to try lots of different blends but it won't take up too much room in your cupboard. Our tea test tubes are also the most popular gift as it gives your loved ones or friends a range of delicious and healthy options. 

Black Tea Test Tube Pack

  • French Earl Grey

    China Black Tea + Rose + Maridold + Hibiscus + Blue Corn Flowers + Bergamot

    Rose + Peach


    Organic EBT

    Assam + Ceylon

    Medium bodied


    Daintree Black Tea

    Australian Grown Black Tea

    Srong Black Tea


    Smoky Black Tea

    China Kemun + Ceylon Bop1



    GABA Black tea

    Black tea from Assam fermented in Nitrogen tanks

    Chocolate + Wholesome

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