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We have created a beautiful gift box showcasing Australian Grown Tea and Native Botanicals. Each gift box is a selection of 8 loose leaf blends. Experience the unique and delicious flavours of Australian Grown Native Botanicals such as chocolatey wattle seed , citrus lemon myrtle and fragrant strawberry gum. Each tea test tube will give you four cups of tea to savour and enjoy.



1 x tea test tube of each of the following blends:


Red Wattle

Rooibos + Wattle seed + Cinnamon + Rose


Australian Breakfast Australian Grown

Daintree Black + Large Leaf Northern NSW Black Tea


After Dinner Mint Australian Grown

Peppermint + Liquorice Root + Aniseed Myrtle


Green Gum Australian Grown

Australian Sencha + Strawberry Gum + Gulban Leaf


Shin cha Australian Grown

First Harvest Australian Grown Green Tea 


Billy Bush Hot Chocolate 

Cocoa + Wattle seed + Cinnamon Myrtle + Mountain Pepper + Coconut Sugar


Unwind Australian Grown

Lavender + Passionflower + Lemon Myrtle + Peppermint 


Immune Boost  Australian Grown

Aniseed Myrtle +Echinacea + Calendula + Rosehip + Olive leaf + Liquorice Root


Australian Grown Tea Gift Box

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