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We have selected a range of our Australian Grown Green Tea. The Green Tea all comes from the same farm but are picked at different seasons giving unique flavour profiles to each tea.  You will get four cups of tea per test tube. This gives you a great way to try lots of different blends but it won't take up too much room in your cupboard. Our tea test tubes are also the most popular gift as it gives your loved ones or friends a range of delicious and healthy options. 

Australian Green Tea Test Tube Pack

  • Shin-Cha

    Australian Grown + First Harvest Green Tea

    Umami + Fresh


    Coconut Lemon Splice

    Australian Sencha + Lemon Myrtle + Coconut

    Citrus + Refreshing


    Roasted Green

    Australian Grown + Late Harvest Green Tea

    Nutty + Wholesome


    Green Gum

    Australian Grown Sencha +Strawberry Gum + Gulbarn 

    Citrus + Passionfruit + Refreshing


    Summer Fields

    Australian Sencha + Rose + Jasmine + Safflowers + Blue Corn + Blue Mallow flowers

    Lightly floral

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