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With longer nights and shorter days, through morning fog and evening haze, find comfort in chocolate and spice. This winter, T Totaler offers eight brews of cacao, root spices, and native seasonal fruit and botanicals - COMFORT keeps the cold at bay. Warm up and chill out with this season’s gourmet blends featuring whole vanilla beans, premium cocoa, native Davidson Plum and even chai spiced coffee.


This limited edition gift box is all vegan, all gluten free, and all hand blended in small batches by your favourite tea alchemists. Charcoal roasted green tea from Victoria (South East Australia),  rich and decadent cocoa and a bounty of spices combine in COMFORT, our antidote for Winter 2023.  


What's included in the Gift Box:

8 x Limited Edition Tea Test Tubes of Chai Spices and Tea Hot Chocolate:



Cacao nibs, tumeric chips, native wattleseed, ginger, cinnamon, cardomom, clove, pepper

Rich wattleseed provides a choclately base for these classic masala spices. Brew in boiling water, sweeten to taste and add hot milk to drink in this invigorating blend - deep, malty and spiced to perfection. Packed with protein, antioxidants and the anti-infammatory  properties of tumeric.



Whole vanilla beans, organic rose petals, cocoa powder, organic coconut sugar

Premium vanilla beans and organic rose petals combine in this luxurious hot chocolate experience. Floral, sweet, creamy and floral - VANILLA blends the universally adored vanillin compound of select vanilla beans with organic cocoa powdercacao powder, coconut sugar and rose in this gourmet chocolate infusion.



Cardamom powder, ginger powder, cinnamon powder, pepper, Fair Trade instant coffee

We have created the ultimate Dirty Chai that brews instantly ( no need to strain ) Make it a long black , add  some hot water and your favourite hot or cold milk - however you like to drink your coffee this Dirty Chai has you covered.  Combining our instant chai blend with Fair Trade Instant Coffee - this DIRTY CHAI will get you up and out in the morning. 



Australian peppermint, Australian liquorice root, native aniseed myrtle,  cocoa powder

Dark cocoa is sweetened by Australian grown liquorice root, making this hot chocolate completely sugar free. Australian grown peppermint gives fresh and bright top notes, lifted by native aniseed myrtle which adds further depth to the profile of this unique tea hot chocolate. 



Native Davidson plum, native pepperberry, cacao powder, organic coconut sugar

The complex profiles of Davidson plum and pepperberry gives a sweet, sour and mildly spicy centre to this cacao blend. Packed with the high antioxidant capacity native Australian fruits are known for, these two are particularly high in vitamin E. 



Ginger powder, cinnamon powder, cardomon powder, turmeric powder, black pepper, cacao powder, organic coconut sugar 

Powerfully anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, ginger, turmeric and black pepper is a combination that’s been used in Ayurvedic traditions for thousands of years. We’ve added tannin rich cocoa and coconut sugar to make this staple something more indulgent - ginger and chocolate is a warming combination that’s deep and spicy, a blend generous in flavour and benefits.



 Australian houjicha, orange peel, fennel, cardomom, ginger, cinnamon myrtle

The savoury, nutty and umami body of Australian grown and charcoal roasted houjicha green tea is contrasted with a bright and complex blend of botanicals. Citrus, fruity, mildly anise and lightly spiced, ROASTED has a woody base that allows the unique herb blend to dance on top of - perfect on its own or with a splash of milk.



Pink pepper, native pepperberry, smoked Keemun black tea, Assam black tea, Ceylon bop1 black tea, cinnamon

Mixed peppers, smoky black tea and sweet cinnamon gives SMOKE a unique place amongst chais. We’ve selected unique pepper herbs that are bright and fruity to contrast the biscuity aspects of cinnamon and black tea. Smoked Keemun leaves, a cult classic amongst lovers of black tea, are complex with subtle floral and chocolatey notes - but rich in fiery and smoky aroma. 



Winter Comfort -Limited Edition Tea

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