We have collaborated with Sydney Ceramic artist Rhianna Blake from Blake Clay to create gorgeous one of a kind test tube stands for your home. Each Ceramic Test Tube Stand has been hand thrown to fit a bamboo lid which holds eight of our best selling tea test tubes.  Once you have finished drinking your tea you can then turn the test tubes into mini vases to hold flowers or remove the bamboo lid and the ceramic vessel can be made into a planter to hold your indoor plant.  These are very limited and are a special design to suit any home. 


What's included:

1 x Handmade in Sydney Ceramic Test Tube Stand which holds 8 test tubes. The Test Tube Stand comes with a Bamboo lid and is 9cm x 11cm   

8 x Tea Test Tubes of tea in a gift box 


Test Tube Stand & Tea Gift Box

  • The Test Tube Stand comes with a gift box of eight of our best selling loose leaf blends


    Organic Unwind 

    Australian Grown + Lavender + Passionflower + Lemongrass + Peppermint + Lemon Myrtle 

    Perfect to help you sleep 


    Organic Ginseng Gin

    Ginseng + Juniper + Lemon myrtle + Blue Corn Flowers + Ginger 

    Naturally keeps your mind focused 


    French Earl Grey

    Black Tea + Rose + Maridold + Hibiscus + Blue Corn Flowers + Bergamot 

    Naturally energising 


    Coconut Lemon Splice 

    Australian Sencha + Lemon Myrtle + Coconut 

    High in anti-oxidants 


    White Rose 

    White Peony + Rose Petals 

    Great for your skin 


    Summer Fields

    Australian Sencha + Rose Petals + Jasmine + Safflowers + Blue Corn + Blue Mallow flowers

    Great for your skin


    Chai Yoga

    Cardamon + Cloves + Cinnamon + Ginger

    Anti-inflamatory and good for digestion


    Foraging for Berries

    Mixed Berries + Hibiscus + Rosehip

    High in Vitamin C