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To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, we’ve curated a seasonal gift box of premium Chinese green tea and oolongs, as well as seasonal herbal blends and homegrown tea leaves. Explore the finest offerings from the distinguished Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang provinces and explore the complex profiles of what many call the best tea in the world!



Start 2024 in good health and fortune! One lucky customer will find a golden teapot in their LNY2024 gift box. If that’s you - YOU WIN! You will receive a gift box with a  glass amber apothecary jars of Australian Immune Boost, Iron Goddess Oolong and our Australian First Harvest Shincha. Simply purchase the LNY2024 limited edition gift box and peek inside - if you find this little golden teapot, you win!




1x of each of the following tea test tubes ( each makes 2-4 cups)


Wudong Laushu Ya Shi (AKA Duck Sh*t Oolong): famous for its silky texture, floral aroma and rich quadruple-roasted intensity, Duck Sh*t Oolong gets its name from farmers trying to discourage theft of their precious tea plants. The name stuck, as did the infamous flavour of this premium oolong. 

Hand picked in Spring in the Phoenix Mountains of Chaozhou.


Zhi Lan Xiang (AKA Phoenix Dan Cong): with a profile reminiscent of garden fresh fruit and texture that’s oft and smooth, Dan Cong tea plants grow like wild shrubs in Guangdong province. These old trees grow in the rocky mountainsides, and are renowned for the unique brews that they cultivate. 


Wu Yi Rock Oolong - Yellow Rose: Yellow rose is a hybrid of the Yellow Goddess and Golden Osmanthus with  notes of fresh flowers and mineral like qualities. Wu Yi Rock Oolongs are known for their sweet, fragrant and long lasting profile. Brewing an orange-red hue, its distant colour and flavour are a result of its unique growing conditions, perched upon limestone cliffs above bamboo forests in Fujian province. 

Wuyi mountains has been listed as UNESCO World heritage site.


Long Jing (AKA Dragon Well): one of China’s most celebrated drops, Long Jing is a flat green leaf tea that is pan roasted in Zhejiang province. Its complex profile is at once soft and full bodied, sweet and savoury, cleansing and rich. It is harvested from the Yangzi River Delta, and has been a sought after brew since its development in the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century.


Goji Rose: the sourness of goji and the fresh bouquet of rose petals combine in the perfect health tonic for the new year! The detoxifying qualities and high antioxidant capacity of goji berries, when paired with the vitamin C and collagen content of rose petals, make Goji Rose a delicious and nutritious herbal blend - serve it hot or iced!


Foraging for Berries: a juicy blend of blackberries, strawberries, rosehips and hibiscus flowers that’s bursting with a big flavour and high antioxidant capacity. Naturally brewing a vibrant red colour, this caffeine free fruit tisane easily brews both hot and cold making it a delicious all rounder no matter the season. 


Organic Ginseng Gin: native Australian lemon myrtle and organic juniper provide contrasting notes of citrus and pine, while ginger and Siberian ginseng offer spice and earthiness. Organic Ginseng Gin elevates the classic ‘lemon and ginger tea’ to something more complex, refined and adventurous. Ginseng stimulates the mind without caffeine, making it the perfect afternoon pick me up. Cold brew this blend for a virgin gin and tonic.


Australian Shincha: Grown in North East Victoria, Shincha (translating as ‘new tea’) is a premium, first flush and single origin Japanese style green tea renowned for its complex flavour. Picked in the Springtime, Shincha has a less bitter profile than its counterparts due to the young leaves being deep-steamed shortly after picking. Shincha, with its light, sweet and umami flavour, is perfect for any time of day.


ADD TO YOUR GIFT BOX - Tangerine Purerh.

This traditional style of fermented black tea is encased in tangerine skin, creating a unique and fruity take on this rich and earthy classic. Simply brew the ball of pure in hot water for 10-15 seconds, and rebrew up to 15 times! Perfect for your Lunar New Year festivities!



LNY Gift Box

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