From a fruitful harvest comes a full a cup, join us and drink in this year’s Spring and all it has to give. Tea estates across the continent yield fresh leaves that await your cup, and local growers of native botanicals offer fresh and fragrant bush herbs. Curated in Marrickville, we transform this bounty into seasonal, small batch and limited edition blends.  Enjoy it while it lasts - these teas are only in town for one season. 


Single origin tea leaves, premium native blends and shimmering florals will feature in a limited edition 8 pack that highlights T Totaler’s unique connection to local growers of tea leaves and Australian natives. Enjoy them hot or cold - Perfect for Spring!


What's included in the Limited Edition Spring Pack:

8 x limited edition Spring blends ( four cups each )


Purple Harvest (blue pea flower, blackberry, strawberry, hibiscus, blue mallow and rosehip): sweet, complex and herbaceous - drink up this cornucopia of florals and fruits to invoke the heady days of Spring and enjoy this bountiful purple brew. 


Radiant (chamomile, lavender, calendula, rose): oragnic, light, clean, soft and floral - the sweetness of chamomile and calendula combines with the fragrant bouquet of rose and lavender for a calming and vitamin C loaded cup formulated for healthy skin, hair and nails.


Australian Earl Grey (Australian Grown black tea blend, lemon myrtle, finger lime): classic, citrus, full bodied and complex - the bold flavour of award winning Australian Black tea combines with contrasting citrus notes of native lemon myrtle and finger lime to deliver a fresh and distinctly Australian perspective on a classic. 


Golden pearls (jasmine pearls, gold lustre): shimmering, floral, sweet and fragrant - premium jasmine pearls from Fujian province that glisten like gold.


Single origin large leaf black tea from Quandamooka Country ( Moreton Bay Queensland): 
biscuity, fragrant, savoury and sweet - mixing the best parts of Assam and Taiwanese oolong profiles, these big leaves produce a complex and round flavour experience. At once it is both sweet and savoury - a base profile of roasted and woody textures with top notes of honey and arrowroot.


Botanica (juniper, orange peel, Shincha, strawbery gum, blue corn, blue mallow): prized Shincha leaves from North East Victoria are the freshest pick of the Spring harvest, which we’ve paired with the fresh botanicals of juniper berry, strawberry gum, orange peel and florals to deliver a lively and lush infusion.


Rose gold (rose petals, gold lustre): shimmering, floral, sweet and fragrant - the timeless profile of organic rose, that shimmers in the sunlight.


Single origin large leaf green tea from Quandamooka Country (Moreton Bay Queensland): 
toasty, grassy, sweet and savoury - combining the hallmarks of Japanese and Taiwanese styles, these large leaves give classic savoury notes of seaweed with a grassy, roasted base. 


Drink Seasonally and bloom with tea this Spring.

Limited Edition Spring Tea Pack