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Our Iced Tea Gift Box allows you to create delicious iced teas at home with ease.  Our Iced tea blends are all natural + refined sugar free and vegan so you know you can enjoy them guilt free. We have also included a metal straw and recipe card so you can start brewing straight away. Create a range of iced teas from sparkling, milky or even add one into your next cocktail as a mixer. 


What's included in the Iced Tea Gift Box 

8 x Tea Test Tubes:

Pink Delight Chai

Create a fragrant and naturally pink milky iced chai 

Blue Water 

Naturally vibrant blue citrus iced tea blend. Add lemon and watch it turn purple

Matcha Latte

Energy and antioxidant packed Organic Matcha from Japan to create a savoury milky iced green tea latte 

French Earl Grey 

Peachy and floral traditional black iced tea. Perfect with a dash of gin

Foraging For Berries 

Fruity and refreshing vibrant red iced tea

Ginseng Gin

Add sparkling water and a slice of cucumber and you think you will be enjoying a G&T just without the hangover

French Earl Tea Chocolate 

Our Signature vegan tea chocolate creates the most delicious iced chocolate you will ever try. Top it with Rose Fairy Floss for the ultimate treat

Golden Coconut Sugar 

Add a touch of golden sparkle to your iced teas with our edible gold lustre coconut sugar. Perfect if you like it a little sweet without the refined sugars

1 x Metal Straw

We know you will want to start sipping straight away so we have added an environmentally friendly metal straw

1 x Recipe Card 

To help you brew the best iced teas possible 


Iced Tea Gift Box

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