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‘Tis the season, and what better reason to give the gift that brews and blooms! Flowering Tea Bon Bons are here for Christmas, so swap the sugar and the booze for nine classic summertime florals: rose, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, jasmine and silver needle white tea to name a few. 


Brew in a glass teapot and watch as the bon bons unfurl to reveal an elaborate hand crafted display of flowers in bloom. Flowers unfurl, petals rise and fall, and a bouquet fills the room. Packaged like an old fashioned chocolate box, each unique bon bon serves ten cups of tea to share and enjoy.  Every brew will be a unique bloom experience - dazzle your friends, or take a moment to indulge yourself.


What's in your gift box

8  x individually foil wrapped flowering tea bon bons 

Mixed Flowers

(Rose, Peony, Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Hibiscus, Jasmine)

White Silver Needle Tea

Maofeng Green Tea

Enjoy as a hot tea

Flowering Tea Bon Bons

  • Add boiling water to each of your Flowering Tea Bon Bons and let it bloom to create a flowering tea garden in each pot. Each ball will make two litres of tea to share & enjoy.

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