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A shimmering, golden festive brew! Classic Christmassy notes of cinnamon and citrus dance in gold with native Davidson plum and Honduran cascara. Golden Plum Pudding is your Christmas tea companion this silly season: brew it up hot or pour it over ice and watch the tea shimmer with gold. 


Golden Plum Pudding features cascara, the fruit of the coffee plant. With notes of dates and stewed cherries, it contrasts the complex and tart native Davidson plum. Golden Plum Pudding is an ode to Nanna’s pudding, to that nostalgic Aussie Christmases vibe, and a celebration of 2023.


80g Apothecary Jar of Australian Black Tea + Citrus Peel + Cinnamon + Cascara + Davidson Plum + Edible Gold Lustre ( 30 cups ) 



Christmas Tea - Golden Plum Pudding

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